Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hi all !! Welcome to MAD Engineers Nagpur !!

Dear Students,

This is an exciting development, one which you all can take advantage of. I am starting this brand new blog, which will be filled with articles about getting through your engineering degree with ease and without tension. This blog will be the source for you guys to find tips and tricks for helping you in your technical studies.

This is my first post though and so the blog is currently empty, but it wont be like that for long, I promise!

So before we start let me tell you very quickly about myself. I have been a bright student throughout my school, diploma and college days. I passed my SSC examination with distinction, and enrolled for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at SDMP, Nagpur (one of the best colleges for doing your diploma in technical trades). In my final year, I stood 40th amongst all the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering students in Maharashtra (I consider it quite an achievement). Then I got admitted to MIT, Pune (it was the best college for doing engineering after COEP, Pune), there too I sailed through the course and passed out with distinction (considered difficult for Pune university). By the time I passed out of college I had a plush job in my hand with an established automobile company in Pune itself (I worked there for 3 long years).

But this is not a blog about my personal achievements, I mentioned all that just to give you a background about who I am. But despite all my accolades in academics, the real learning that I received was not to be found in my mark sheets, so what was it? So here goes...

The best thing that happened to me was all the exposure I got to students from all over India who came to study at my college. There I learned about many ways in which you can study a subject, approaches to paper solving, different techniques that save time in your exams, and many many things which other students (students who were better than me) were doing to make their life easy, while going through difficult technical courses. Like you I also faced my share of frustrations, heartbreaks, tensions and everything that is associated with college life.

And all my experience came in very very handy when I started teaching engineering subjects to students from my home town Nagpur (quite a handful, bunch of exciting and bright students, I must say). For almost a decade now, I have been teaching Mechanical and Civil engineering subjects to hundreds of students, and I have learned almost as much I have taught to all my students in all these years.

So let me get back to the main point of discussion, why this blog?

Well over the years I have been observing my students, their problems, difficulties, their talents and skills in handling their technical studies, and have been working on a generalized method, which with very few adjustments can be used by almost any student, even if he is from a non technical background. And I am in the process of creating a structured product which will help you go through your technical studies with ease, no tension and stress and having fun all the way, not to forget improving your scores and percentages too. 

The product is in its final stages and will be available soon to all my students. Believe me this product is designed scientifically and it targets problems faced by students in today's day and age, and provides a practical solution for them.

I am sure all of you will love this product and will definitely benefit from it.

So see you soon, and thank you for being a part of MAD Engineers Nagpur.

Stay MAD